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Analytics at the edge

Seafowl is an analytical database designed for modern data‑driven Web applications.

We get data

Deliver query results for your data visualizations, dashboards and notebooks to users around the world in milliseconds.


Fast analytical queries

Seafowl is built around Apache DataFusion, a fast and powerful SQL query engine that uses Apache Arrow and Apache Parquet.

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SQL at the edge

Provide data for your dashboards and visualizations without building complex API endpoints, just by executing SQL straight from the user's browser.


Cache and CDN friendly

Put Seafowl behind a cache like Varnish or a CDN like Cloudflare and have query results cached globally and delivered to your users in milliseconds.



Write Seafowl user-defined functions (UDFs) in any language that compiles to WebAssembly (WASM).


Separate storage and compute

Store Seafowl data in object storage or on a persistent volume and spin up Seafowl instances on-demand to satisfy incoming queries.


Built for serverless

A 50MB binary that starts in 10ms. Deploy Seafowl to serverless platforms like Fly.io or Google Cloud Run.

Next steps

Try out our thirty-five second demo (we timed it!). Or, go through a tutorial that will teach you how to deploy Seafowl to Fly.io behind a CDN and use it to power an Observable notebook.